About Us

Dorking is a well established leader in the international distribution of premium quality dimensional granite blocks. Through its worldwide network, Dorking offers a wide range of natural stone from owned resources as well as selected worldwide locations from its branches in all the major granite producing regions namely South Africa, Brazil, China, India, USA and China.

Manned by highly specialized inspectors, each third party selection is physically inspected for its quality, color, grade and dimensions. Stockyards have been set-up to enable the sourcing operations to seize opportunities and make speculative purchases for later allocation, giving Dorking greater control over key materials and tying quarries in to exclusive supply while at the same time offering clients the possibility of physically inspecting, in one location, entire orders and the convenience of dealing with one supplier offering a wide range of materials of guaranteed quantity and quality.

Through the successful implementation of this strategy Dorking has established itself as the leading exporter of natural stone out of southern Africa and among the top three exporters out of Brazil and India.